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Ohmyhome Home Valuation

Resale Price Trends Within Your Town / Project

Every resale transaction made in Singapore is recorded. In your personalized home valuation report, you'll be able to view past transactions within your town (for HDBs) or project (for condos). The overall price trend will give you a better idea of where the buyer market is moving towards & give you a better idea on how to price your unit better.

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Ohmyhome Home Valuation

Past Transactions Within Your Area

To help you get a better understanding of how high you can price your property for sale, we're also including latest past transactions on your street (for HDB) & project/area (for condo). This data will include the size of the unit, lease year, resale date, flat model (for HDBs) & most importantly, the price the units were sold at. We'll also give you an indicative price per square foot (PSF) for every resale transaction for your area. All data will be refreshed before your report is generated.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Home valuation provides you with an up-to-date indication of the value of your property. Knowing the estimated valuation of your home will help you negotiate your selling price with buyers.
At Ohmyhome, the value of your home is calculated through comparative market analysis conducted by artificial intelligence. By analysing millions of data points—past transactions of units within the same area, over a period of time— swith our intelligent algorithms, the value of your home is constantly updated according to the market changes in real-time.
Our valuation uses the platform, Zoom Value which will yield highly accurate residential price predictions, with an overall median error of less than 3%. Through our partnership with Urban Zoom, you will be provided with an independent and unbiased assessment of a home’s estimated valuation in the current property market.

There are two types of valuation: Indicative and Actual Valuations.

An Indicative Valuation, usually performed by a property agent, are simple estimations of a property’s value, by taking into account the transacted price of properties in the same area, over a period of time.

An Actual Valuation, usually performed by qualified valuers, is the estimated valuation of a property’s value, by taking into account the:

  1. Location of your property;
  2. Its zoning area as determined by the URA;
  3. Land-size and built-up area of your property;
  4. The number of rooms; and
  5. The age and condition of the property